R & D / Laboratory

FlexoHub is equipped with the state of the art laboratory manned by very able and experienced technicians, with training and assistance from our European partners on regular bases.

Ink Production

FlexoHub has an Ink production facility to produce fresh inks for just in time delivery to our customers. With the availability of the facility, customers need not worry about keeping large inventories as stocks are ever available at all times.

Additionally, many more pantone colours and customized colour shades can be developed and produced.

Color Management

We assist customers to ensure that colour applications in printing are consistent at all times irrespective of the machine differences and substrate. This we achieve by the use of modern colour management software and techniques by our experience professionals.

Technical Support

We provide technical support services for all our products stated under our products and services. We have able and technically competent professionals who attend to calls or during technical sales visit assist customers on trouble shooting.

Ink Remixing

With our facility and experience in the industry, we encourage our customers to be cost efficient in managing their ink stock items. We encourage conversion of left over colors and unused colors into other colors required to avoid holding large inventory of unused ink stock items.